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NEWS RELEASE from the Maine Department of Public Safety

from Spokesman Steve McCausland - 626-3811

 For more info – Acting State Fire Marshal Joseph E. Thomas - 626-3870

For the first time in decades, private fireworks are legal in Maine and the State Fire Marshal’s Office is offering safety tips to consumers, many likely have never used the devices before.  Acting State Fire Marshal Joe Thomas said, “Although fireworks are now legal, it’s important for consumers to operate them safely to avoid injury and damage to property.  Users must be 21 or older, the fireworks must have been purchased within Maine, and can be used only on a person’s own property, or have a property owner’s written permission.”

 Thomas also urged consumers to make sure local ordnances are followed as several cities and towns have enacted local laws to prohibit their use.

“This the first time since 1949 that private fireworks have been allowed in Maine and consumers should read carefully the instructions to set them off in a safe manner," Thomas said. Safety instructions are included with every sale of fireworks in Maine.  He also urged close supervision of children around any fireworks detonation and said the pyrotechnics should be stored in a secure location to prohibit access by children.  He also said dry summer weather conditions can make fields, grass and woodland susceptible to fires, started by fireworks. The Fire Marshal’s Office website has a copy of the statute that allows their use, safety instructions, and a list of communities that prohibit fireworks -


Here are some fireworks safety tips from the State Fire Marshal’s Office --

  Purchase only Maine permissible consumer fireworks, available at licensed stores, and only the quantity that you will use.

  • Fireworks can only be used on property that you own, or have written permission from the landowner.
  • Have a water hose available in case of a fire.

 Only those 21 or older can possess or use consumer fireworks

  • Always wear eye protection and follow all directions provided
  • Light only one device at a time
  • Keep spectators at a safe distance and be considerate of neighbors, pets and the environment. 

 Clean up all debris when finished

  • Devices that do not discharge should be placed in water, after setting alone for 15 min.
  • Always make sure that unused fireworks, matches and lighters are kept out of the reach of children.



Grand Isle received
  ?  fire calls in 2012
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Contact our Fire Chief...  Gary Campbell


Members of the Grand Isle Fire Dept. at a Funeral

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With people busier than ever -

often too weighed down by life to volunteer -

fire departments across Aroostook County are facing a shortage.

The Grand Isle Fire Department is always looking
for new members to join our ranks.

Even with absolutely no fire fighting or volunteering experience,

the Grand Isle Fire Department can serve as your way to assist
your local community.

Females encouraged to apply!

Volunteers must make an effort to attend monthly meetings,

and training, and are encouraged to stay physically fit to

keep up with the physical demands of firefighting.

Additional Federal Firefighting training available if you're interested,....

the sky's the limit!


For more information on this
rewarding volunteer career....


Contact :

Deputy Chief

Bruce W. Bouley



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